When and how to sell your home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

We work closely with you to figure out the best strategy for selling your property.

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We provide an estimated range of price of what we should list your home for — based on market conditions and more importantly, similar sold homes in the past 60 days. Price fluctuation is expected, so depending on the condition of your property, current market reports, and sales trends, we recommend a custom pricing, timing, and marketing strategy especially prepared for your home.


The condition of your home is closely related to how quickly you can receive an offer for it and how much it can sell for. Minor repairs, touch-ups, decluttering, and cleaning is recommended prior to listing your home. These can add value to your home.

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Every week, the market can shift based on buyer demand and listing competition! Price can literally change in just a matter of days. That’s how fast our market is changing, we adapt and are able to discuss with you up-to-date market conditions and any unexpected changes.


The number of views your home gets will ultimately determine your home selling price. The quality of your home, the number of qualified buyers, and general market sentiment can affect views of your listing, either online and in-person.

We develop custom marketing strategy specific to making your home stand out and reach a vast number of buyers which can include:

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  • High resolution photography

  • 4K videography

  • Detailed floorplan to acquaint buyers to the home’s functionality & layout

  • Social media posts

  • Highly visible For Sale signs where allowed

  • List on top industry websites such as,,, and more

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We follow-up with buyers and buyer agents who have viewed your home to get their feedback to bring back and share with you. With any crucial discovery, we can fine tune your listing details, marketing message, and advertisement accordingly.


From listing launch through negotiations all the way to closing day, we guide and provide you expert advice with your best interest at heart. We present all offers to you promptly, iron out any outstanding concerns, carefully oversee the subject removal, make sure all contracts are conveyed to your lawyer or notary, and announce to you once title is transferred! How exciting! 


If you need further information please call us or text us at 604-753-8062